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Connecticut Civil Lawyer

Attorney Patrick T Dunn has been serving the community since 1997.  If you need help with a civil case, Connecticut Attorney Patrick T Dunn will be able to assist you in filing and defending your claim all the way through to the end.  His wide experience as a teacher and being employed by the FBI for 5 years, gives him a special perspective which helps him understand the cases better.

Probate in Connecticut

Connecticut Probate Courts handle a variety of cases involving sensitive family issues, including guardianship, name changes, and trusts and estates.   Even though the hearings are relatively informal, a Connecticut Probate Attorney can help you with information, forms and procedures.

Probate Courts oversee the administration of trusts and estates.  If someone dies without a will, the Probate Court will have to settle the estate based on the law, so it is always best to make a will as early as possible.  Probate Attorney Patrick T. Dunn can help you draw up a legal will, and figure out the best way to divide up your estate.

Civil Litigation

When you have a dispute which goes to court which is not criminal, your case will be civil.   Civil cases include everything from personal injury lawsuits to landlord disputes to forfeiture proceedings to disagreements over contracts.  Civil cases are different from criminal cases because the standard of proof is that they only need to be proved to be more likely than not.  These kinds of cases can also take a long time, because there can be several hearings and continuances.

Civil Litigation Attorney Patrick T. Dunn can help you with all these kinds of issues.  If your case is based on a personal injury, such as a negligence case, he will probably willing to work with you so that you don’t have to pay up front.  When you need help and you are injured, you need someone who can get things moving, if you need medical care or help because you are off work.

Connecticut Civil Litigation

If you think you have a case which is civil in nature, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.  There are often time limits on when you can file, after which you forfeit your right to recover. If you need help with a civil law problem in Connecticut, call Attorney Patrick T. Dunn for help today.

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